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04 de Junio, 2010 · General
The country's most established literary magazine, Harvest, has caused quite a stir with its spring-summer issue, for carrying a novel by Guo Jingming in its Novels Special.

Readers say the magazine has betrayed its standards by including the work of the 27-year-old, who has been called an "image-obsessed" pop idol by the New York Times, yet is one of China's most commercially successful writers.

The Harvest Literary Bimonthly, founded by Chinese writer Ba Jin (1904-2005) in 1957, has... Continuar leyendo
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02 de Diciembre, 2009 · General
Night is my unit man colleague, go to school out in the countryside. Compared with the situation that excellent and excellent, he have nothing. But he know poesy to be masterpiece understanding, we discuss three countries discuss red building talk about current events together, there are so many exchanges and striking! I was very helpless at that time, and the girlfriend at night left him just now. Two frustrated persons have given both sides very great ideological impetus in mutual... Continuar leyendo
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02 de Diciembre, 2009 · General
The crystal shoes are not easy to wear
I go to a foreign enterprise to work under the kind consideration of the excellent excellent father after graduating, it is assigned to the public institution formally and excellent and excellent,

Civil servant, three is dangerous, high salary, this ring of light was not have by my family, is that a lot of classmates of mine did not have too. I can not refuse all these.

20 that year such as year old, under excellent excellent urgency of parents, I with... Continuar leyendo
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09 de Marzo, 2009 · General
Soul is in the height
The philosopher says, soul and human body, just as can't be separated at moment sharpness and cutting edge.

But the poet says, soul is in the height.

A reason, one is perceptual; One is abstract, a image. Although does not have the difference of relative superiority, the poet does not make exploring the truth as one's own duty either, but, " soul is in the height "  But the truth announced is so red and naked as to make people's soul tremble.

You may be in the ... Continuar leyendo
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09 de Marzo, 2009 · General
The more put down, the happier
Put down the pressure - Hard and not tired, depend on one's own psychology

The more put down, the happier! The room of soul, sweeping will leave all over dust. Covered with the heart of the dust, will become gray and vast and hazy. We will go through a lot of things every day, happy, unhappy, settle in the heart. More than things one at heart, will become disorderly and unordered, then the heart stands up arbitrarily accordingly. There are painful mood and... Continuar leyendo
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