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09 de Marzo, 2009 · General

Soul is in the height

Soul is in the height
The philosopher says, soul and human body, just as can't be separated at moment sharpness and cutting edge.

But the poet says, soul is in the height.

A reason, one is perceptual; One is abstract, a image. Although does not have the difference of relative superiority, the poet does not make exploring the truth as one's own duty either, but, " soul is in the height "  But the truth announced is so red and naked as to make people's soul tremble.

You may be in the adverse circumstance, the position is mean and shameless, live in the frustration tired out, it is unhonored all one's life, there is not the day to hold up head, even meet with the enormous misfortune like agate silk Lip river baby while " reviving ", thrown into jail, but only you retain a pure and kindhearted heart, so long as you have soul in the height, you are a real person.

On the contrary, the,etc. like Hu Changqing, Cheng Kejie, although the person holds a high position, is enjoying the silk clothing jade food, high position and great wealth, publish fragrant car of BMW, enter room beauty in China, even is accepting and is paid homage to, but soul is extremely mean, low, dark, such a person, its soul can only be in the pigsty.

In numerous and complicated complicated society, height to keep soul, take than height to keep identity difficult far.

All one's life, heighten soul, it is far more important than to heighten identity. Because of,dignity and value of life, it is by height of soul been come weigh.

People come to describe soul dailily and nobly, however, the nobleness is only the qualitative analysis, the height is only an index that can be quantized. It is simple, make us very apt to weigh one jin of quantity in the hand out; Its image, let us see paradise and hell quickly; It is ocular, the ones that let pure soul face upward were filled high, let repulsive soul fell too ashamed to show one's face.
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