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02 de Diciembre, 2009 · General

The crystal shoes are not easy to wear (two)

Night is my unit man colleague, go to school out in the countryside. Compared with the situation that excellent and excellent, he have nothing. But he know poesy to be masterpiece understanding, we discuss three countries discuss red building talk about current events together, there are so many exchanges and striking! I was very helpless at that time, and the girlfriend at night left him just now. Two frustrated persons have given both sides very great ideological impetus in mutual understanding together. He is the busiest in the unit, nobody loves him, I will care about his everything silently   Feel and husband, know just, life unhappy to forget about as get back to.

The mother-in-law begins to treat me coldly, say her son must be a good son, will not dally with women. But does not he like inviting woman colleague to dinner to accompany the woman colleague to go shopping? I and night, just a kind of beautiful feeling, do not I have this right?

Fewer and fewer with excellent and excellent words, he is very ignorant to anything other except surfing the Net and playing games, we have no language that any can be exchanged. I find we are really two people in the world, I am unwilling to buy the clothes, but buy the famous-brand clothes for him; I save up money desperately, but he spends money like the flowing water   

Moreover, he is ruder and ruder to me, often defend me as defending thieves. I go to work hair spend while being the other, he unhappy; Gush out some perfume, does he ask worriedly who I entice? New things equally any that I buy, he suspect, give of others; He does not allow me to wipe the skin care product, forbids me to wear the contact lenses and wear frame glasses, forbid me to surf the Net   Does the mother-in-law say he minds me like this, but has not he lived in the world of the same sex either? He, and several woman subordinate elder brother long younger sister make a fun why be getting out of question short often?

Feel and look like living that makes people suffocate in the cage.

This suffocate, let me like stay with night light and continuously further.

I was uncomfortable that day, sent me home at night while coming off duty, just the mother-in-law saw from the window. Came back home, it was mother-in-law's scolding right in the face that met me.

I have been asserted and there are improper relations at night.

There can not be. I have the daily schedule stipulated strictly. Come off duty even if can suffer one query too five minute late, ahead of time to will think, go to work, steal, date several minute   

Home has become the place that makes me frightened, in that large house fitting up luxuriously, everything is so empty, the man in bed is so strange   

Colleagues are all terribly glad on weekend and long holidays, but my prison term   Find even son of only a year old change, look for grandmother only, I say he one he will one slap on the face get to I at the face pa later, he does not sleep with me either in the evening, only with the grandmother   

Want the happiness of an ordinary person very much

On New Year's Day, the girlfriend at night married others. He drink everyday, how much it will be tight 10 one week. I felt kind and painful at that time.

The unit party, drank too much at night before the Spring Festival. Sending it off on my road, he says he likes me, he can admit all of mine, so long as I can be with him   

I lead wound that husband nip on one's body every day at that time, how I wanted to escape to hold this son going arbitrary, thirst for tenderness and understanding at night too.

I and night begin to send messages, have a chat about Dream of the Red Chamber, the Three Kingdoms, sports, scientific, so many can not be always finished, and only know excellently and excellently that plays games, the mother-in-law only knows that watches the romantic play. After looking after children and falling asleep, I will serve excellently and excellently while dozing off to go to work in the evening in the daytime, massage, pound one's back for him, will accept his torment without tenderness at night   The mother-in-law often says standing high above the masses, you are married to my home, really make friends with   

Know Cinderella wear crystal shoes, how reluctantly it is, how agony until now!

It is originally beautiful season in spring, but my life is not beautiful at all. All garrulous our wedding photos, I am driven out of the family by the mother-in-law   

Drove on the way to other places at night, received the father-in-law's telephone, he almost published the traffic accident.

I have been dismissed by the company.

Parents take me to the husband's family, are kept outside of the door by the mother-in-law.

I getting penniless now, even an ornament excellent to give to the mother-in-law while being excellent, son disappear a few days already, parents so anxious that take, go with rice for me.

Do not but I understand, whose fault is it? I? The night? Or high position and great wealth are not originally mine, admire the punishment that vanity gives greedily to me.

Often envying the brother at night sister-in-law very much, his elder brother is a fire control soldier, often can't go home in a few days, sister-in-law go to by the training court silently, watch above several, eyes overwrite the happiness. The elder brother who came back home was doting on the sister-in-law everywhere, the little nose which shaved her called her little fool   

Want the happiness of an ordinary person very much now. Money, can not bring real warmth all the time.


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