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02 de Diciembre, 2009 · General

The crystal shoes are not easy to wear

The crystal shoes are not easy to wear
I go to a foreign enterprise to work under the kind consideration of the excellent excellent father after graduating, it is assigned to the public institution formally and excellent and excellent,

Civil servant, three is dangerous, high salary, this ring of light was not have by my family, is that a lot of classmates of mine did not have too. I can not refuse all these.

20 that year such as year old, under excellent excellent urgency of parents, I with excellent to marry while being excellent.

The wedding scene is very great, luxurious wedding car, long motorcade is always parents and I who am silent quietly, let the neighbours regard with special esteem.

The Cinderella came into the luxurious palace from then on, lived a happy life.

Excellent and excellent and taciturn, but will go home on time, we lead to set about sauntering curved together after supper, husband's father and mother are very fine too to me. I think I am really good fortune that previous existence cultivate, such good others admit me. After being married for two months, I am not pregnant, excellent and excellent and always sorry to say to me, even if we have no child, he will not blame me either, is that he owes, I.

But it satisfies people to wish. In third month, I was pregnant unexpectedly.

The mother-in-law, like treasure to me. Nothing allow me to make, make good food for me every day, accompany me to saunter curved, accept the people's blessing in the whole compound. In the compound at that time, a lot of young people were too very old to get married either, even not need the child either after getting married. Mother-in-law and I always hang the smile satisfied when together.

The work is not busy, the unit colleague is very good too. Everybody often encloses me, see famous and precious clothes, ornament that the mother-in-law gave to me, the father-in-law's special train will go to meet me sometimes, I experience unprecedented happiness in the eyes envied of the colleagues.

There am little I from small blood platelet, it is the blood of Model O, easy haemolysis, the whole of family has been very careful all the time, I have been really doted on by everybody.

Everything is perfect!

Quickly then on expected date of childbirth, I no longer work, will wait for the child's arrival. Exactly produce the peak, busy outside in the mother-in-law is busy, look for the relation to ask someone to actually push out of a separate room.

All signs indicate the child is a girl, mother is very anxious, afraid I will be bullied after giving birth to the girl. It is only son to be excellent and excellent, father-in-law mother-in-law say heart certainly hope to embrace and have the grandson in the mouth.

The child is unwilling to be born slowly. Toss about so that I am drained finally, the doctor decides the caesarean birth.

I have fallen asleep under the function of anaesthetic. I do not know, the child was a boy unexpectedly! The mother-in-law is so glad as to hold mother happy.

It has been that the mother-in-law has looked after me all the time postpartum. She treats me like blood daughter, never let me leave the bed, she looks after children and looks after me and does house work alone, in order to put the milk, two black carps stew for me to eat in one day   I am in confinement and fat, the mother-in-law is 5 kilograms unexpectedly thinner. I always say at that time the best mother-in-law of world was my mother-in-law, and the husband's family was all too, it is my life.

When the son is a little older, mother-in-law and I often push the perambulator to take a walk together, young mother, lovely baby, mother-in-law like mother, that picture, often attract the eyes envied too much.

But all these are beautiful, the collapse unconsciously

After maternity leave, go on I of the work position again, find the world becomes very strange, seem that understand nothing oneself. Then I begin to study desperately, it is more and more to get in touch with the external world. Just at this moment, everything changed.

Go home excellently and excellently more and more late. He begins to often work overtime, please work together when not working overtime, he is diligent and enterprising, because he is unreconciled to mediocrely. But all, like what he imagined, he will often be unsatisfactory. Then he often comes back taking grievance, goes home and takes me as vent of anger, it is very unpleasant to speak, say urgently and hit. He will want me in all desperation in the evening, do not have love, do not take good care of, like only stranding beasts   In the morning at that time, on me often black and blue, did not dare to talk to others while going to work, smile at everything.

Excellent and excellent but fascinated by the network game again, often play all night, does not go home all night. Go home, he eyes stare at computer only too, eyes seem to have no me. The mother-in-law says, if he has an unfaithful intention, you can't treat him kindly, save up money and do something, buy the beautiful clothes. The mother-in-law treated me still like one's own daughter at that time, my heart belonged to this family too   But I meet excellent and excellent more and more, he or go home, go home, touch the pillow, sleep right away too   I can't accept such a husband gradually! I begin to blame him, say his typical son's style, the meal comes to open one's mouth the clothing stretch out one's hand; And he criticizes me, says where my tenderness has gone, has learnt the obstinate mouth!


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