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09 de Marzo, 2009 · General

The more put down, the happier

The more put down, the happier
Put down the pressure - Hard and not tired, depend on one's own psychology

The more put down, the happier! The room of soul, sweeping will leave all over dust. Covered with the heart of the dust, will become gray and vast and hazy. We will go through a lot of things every day, happy, unhappy, settle in the heart. More than things one at heart, will become disorderly and unordered, then the heart stands up arbitrarily accordingly. There are painful mood and unpleasant memory, is packed with the heart, will make people dispirited. So, sweep the floor and remove dust, can make the low-spirited heart bright; Clearly pay attention to the thing, it is irritated and messy that could say good-bye to; Throw away some meaningless agony, happy to have more loud space.

Catch the unhappy reason tightly and ignore the happy reason, it is bad reason that you always thought.

Put down the trouble - Happiness is actually very simple

Practise, smile while being what is called, machinery facial expression to move you, psychology to change you hard, regulate your mood. The society accepts reality calmly, learn to say to oneself that lets nature take its course, learn to face the misfortune calmly, the society treats life actively, learn to think positive in everything. In this way, the sunshine can flow and come into heart, it is frightened to drive away, drive away the darkness, drive away all haze.

Happiness actually very the simple,it cost oneself the unhappy can with.

Put down and feel self-humiliation - Leave out feeling self-humiliation from your dictionary

It is not everybody that can become the great man, but everybody can become the person with strong heart. The power of heart, it is painful and sad that can dilute everything; The power of heart, can remedy your external deficiency effectively; The power of heart, can let you walk on the main road having nothing to fear, feel one's own thought, exceed all buildings and mountain peak!

Believe oneself, find one's own position accurately, you can have a valuable life too.

It is lazy to put down - Struggle and change destiny

Not envying the others' exclusive and unique skill simply, through permanent efforts, you can well have too. Because it is superb to practise a simple movement, it is a unique skill; Accomplish an ordinary minor matter the high degree, it is an exclusive.

Remind oneself, remember one's own warning, you who are enterprising, you who are happy, you who are healthy, you who are kindhearted, must have a magnificent life.

Put down passivism - The despair hopes right left

If you want to become a successful person, then, it is " best oneself " to invite Come on, let, defeat passivism actively, let noble to defeat shallow, let sincere to defeat false, let tolerant to defeat narrow, let happy to defeat melancholy, let, defeat lazy diligently, let strong to defeat fragile, let great to defeat of wretched appearance   So long as you are willing, you can totally be by making the best oneself all one's life.

Nobody can control the win and defeat, except you. One's own war, you are the general devising strategies at the headquarters!

Not every dream can become bright reality, but beautiful dream can decorate, happen life beautiful too.

Put down and complain - Instead of complaining, are not so good as efforts

All failures are to prepare for succeeding in. Complain and discouraged, can only hinder succeeding in to paces of coming up by oneself. Put down and complain, accept the failure calmly, it is undoubtedly the wise's posture.

It is unable to change the current situation to complain, strive and bring the hope. Genuine gold, so long as does not bury oneself, so long as want to glisten wholeheartedly by oneself, always have flashing that day.

Review at all times and in all lands, miracle for a lot of life, it is those that take proficiency broken people of card create at first.

Don't be always the worried life. Don't always think what life had let down you, in fact, there were many you as what others have.

Put down and hesitate - Take action immediately, it is limitless to succeed

The thing firmlied believe don't be indecisive; Make an accurate selection of a direction, set out on a journey by all means, don't turn round. Opportunity just like lightning, could catch it while being resolute fast only.

The action is common specialities of successful personages immediately. If you have any good idea, then take action immediately; If you meet a good opportunity, then catch immediately. Take action immediately, it is limitless to succeed!

Some people must forget, some things are used for introspecting, some things have to be cleared up. Go all out when it's time to let go, you can rise and sell, the ones that catch and originally belong to you are happy!

Some things can not wait for, the hesitation for the moment, that was left will be the eternal regret!

It is narrow to put down - The heart is wide, world is wide

It is a kind of virtue to be tolerant. Relent others, in fact give way to one's own soul too. Only in the tolerant world, people, could play and happen the song of the harmonious life!

To think create a society relented without prejudice, one should. To want to eliminate prejudice, one should eliminate the narrow thought at first. Can't unless far away from prejudicing someone and harmony of heart, people with people's harmony, harmony of people and the society.

It is happy we not only want oneself, share one's own happiness to friend, family even stranger not acquainted with each other. Because it is a kind of happiness to share happy itself, the happiness of a kind of higher realm.

It is a kind of virtue to be tolerant. Relent others, in fact give way to one's own soul too. Only in tolerant world, people, could play, happen harmonious song of life!
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